A brand is an inspiration, a commitment and, ultimately, a value proposition, supported by everything you do, say and show. Every expression of that brand must support the other. Philip Caggiano’s contemporary collection of art furniture is intended to be an extension and illumination of that brand statement.

These extraordinary chairs, tables and custom-designed furniture, each engineered and handcrafted over hundreds of hours, exemplify masterful use of materials and an exciting blend of the traditional with the futuristic. These handcrafted art pieces just don’t stun the senses, but work as functional objects - as any great designs, including yours, must. Specified for automotive and other industry trade shows, exhibition booths, corporate headquarters, dealership showrooms and the like, they make perfect and seamless brand partners and enhancers—demonstrating the imagination and visual drama that bespoke the finest that something can be. This is functional art at its most exquisite.

“A brand built on a lifetime of engineering and exploring with light, space, shape and color. Through the exquisite and imaginative crafting of exotic materials, Philip Caggiano brings sensuality, style and heritage right to the center of your customer’s world.”