Some children dream big, night after night Philip Caggiano would fall asleep gazing at his Ferrari posters, hearing the purr of the v12 engine seep into his dreams. Little did he know that years later that thrill of the throttle and the call of the open road would allow him to engineer them piece by piece, redesigning and racing supercars around the world as only an untold fable would reveal. This was a child who fell in love with the curves and mighty roar of a Ferrari 250 GTO, the devil may care elegance of Steve McQueen, and the touch of distressed leather still seared with smoke and lightening.

Philip Caggiano pioneered the luxury and exotic motorsports scene as a world-class designer and engineer. Working exclusively with the giants of the supercar industry he curated a range of performance enhancing products for some of the world’s most exciting and powerful supercars. Being up close and personal with the greatest supercar brands only ignited the flames of Philips obsession with design and engineering. A world-class craftsman and lifelong sculptural artist we fast forward 25 years as Philip now infuses his passion for shape, color, texture and exotic materials and hones them into something truly remarkable. Inspired by raw supercar passion he is handcrafting some of the world’s most extraordinary functional art pieces that takes you back to the greatest automotive heritage known to man. The collection is the world’s most innovative, artistic, and intricately engineered furniture of it's kind. A man fascinated by the challenge to inject pure supercar influence and manufacturing principals back into his very own design philosophies, Philip Caggiano captures that visual drama needed to bring your world together unlike no other.