Elegant, distinct and refined are words that describe your exceptional tastes and personal style. A bespoke commission by Philip Caggiano is the ultimate expression of ones individuality, handcrafted from the ground up to your most precise specifications and physical requirements.

Our bespoke experience starts with a personal consultation with Philip Caggiano to discuss your tastes and ultimate desires. Measurements for each client are taken in our private NY showroom. We then present each client with luxurious samples of materials and surface finishes, textiles or the finest Italian leathers. Our bespoke program allows the client to participate in the selection of every detail that will make their signature piece uniquely their own.

Philip Caggiano designs the one-off concept prior to each clients approval before it is expertly engineered and implemented for production in our workshops. The handcrafted production process is fully documented and presented to each client along the journey. These masterpieces are truly one of a kind and are signed and serialized by Philip Caggiano before white glove delivery is arranged anywhere in the world. The average lead-time for bespoke offerings can range from 10-18 weeks. Please contact our showroom manager to arrange your private consultation today.