Each and every cut of material has a tale to tell, and every piece of the enigma is patterned and cut by hand. It is here where the concepts start to unravel into the birth of a finished masterpiece.


Raw and unharnessed materials are expertly machined with exact precision. These components later join forces and assemble into original masterpieces.


Complex metal shapes and designs are carefully finished by hand with jewel like precision. Wood finishes are expertly hand applied while extracting the natural beauty and personality of each piece.Our painted finishes are applied by masters who refinish multi million dollar Ferraris’. It takes hundreds of hours of labor to create finishes of this caliber because you deserve the best.


Patterns are cut by hand of only the finest virgin pre-preg materials. Expertly hand laid in molds for production our process is mirrored by some of the worlds greatest supercar manufactures such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.


Sparks fly and the puddle flows as we start to form the heart and soul of a masterpiece. The marriage of materials harmoniously become one as the laid fillets are methodically fused with precision. Perfection is our obsession and we want you to know that you are receiving the very best.


Captivating your senses as you are struck by the scent and beauty of luxuriously crafted leather. Whether it is the bespoke interior of your Bugatti or a Hermes bag you acquired in Monaco. These are the emotions that fill your soul with precision and handcraftsmanship. A Caggiano is patterned and sewn by hand of only the finest Italian leathers, creating a unique personality and flair that you desire and love.


The journey throughout the manufacturing process has embarked on its own fairy tale. Filled with passion, personality and hand craftsmanship it is now time to assemble and deliver your masterpiece. The final assembly stage is handled with methodical care from start to finish. Philip Caggiano is involved during the entire process before his signature is left and each item is packaged for delivery around the world.