Complex metal shapes and designs are carefully finished by hand. Wood finishes are also expertly applied by our craftsmen which helps illuminate the natural beauty and personality of each piece. The same masters entrusted with multi-million dollar Ferraris apply our painted finishes. It can take hundreds of hours of labor to achieve these world-class results.


Patterns are cut by hand of only the finest virgin pre-impregnated composite materials. Expertly hand-laid in production molds, our process mirrors that used by renowned supercar manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani or McLaren


A torrent of sparks fly as metal is joined to form the heart and soul of each masterpiece. Materials elegantly become one as they are methodically fused. Precision is our obsession as it is yours.


Just as in designing and fabricating the interior of a luxury vehicle, materials are meticulously studied and then patterns are cut by hand to ensure a precise fit.


Raw and unharnessed materials are machined with precision. These components later join forces and assemble into original masterpieces.


One of the world’s great traditional materials, the legendary scent, feel and look of fine crafted leather captivates the senses. Only the finest Italian leathers are patterned and sewn by hand to become part of any Caggiano furniture, creating a unique personality and flair that invites, comforts and rewards.


The journey through the manufacturing process has reached its destination, realizing the designer’s ultimate intent through assembly. Philip Caggiano supervises the entire production process, including assembly only then does he sign his name to this new expression of your exquisite taste and appreciation for the best that something can be. That becomes your own brand statement, wherever and however you feature a Caggiano work of functional art.