Insight into the worlds of motion, balance, compressive strength and structure. An understanding of the laws of physics that transcends the spoken word of engineering.

The hands are the greatest machine and inspire and inform everything we do in the world of manufacturing, a piece of chalk and a blank wall are the perfect canvas, and inspiration can come from the speed of the open road, or the way the sunlight glints off the hood of a vintage car. In a world where we are detached from the inspirations, practical considerations, materials and methods of fabrication that go into the products we all use and interact with on a daily basis, including the modern automobile and transportation, Philip Caggiano furniture makes those connections for us.

Every piece constructed by the Caggiano production team is handcrafted. Every shade of material is purchased raw, and every component can be completely customized to match the impression and brand statement you intend to make. Philip Caggiano passionately engineers these works of functional art that will stand for a lifetime. The concepts are then meticulously perfected and produced using the finest and most advanced manufacturing processes available today. The result is luxury in the service of commerce. That is the magic of Philip Caggiano

“Saddles of leather are hand-picked from the finest Italian tanneries, stainless steel hand polished to a mirror finish, every concept sketch designed by hand before digital 3D modeling, and every idea a one of a kind experiment that brings art to life and makes it functional.”