The hands are the greatest machine, a piece of chalk and a blank wall become the perfect canvas as inspiration can come from the speed of the open road, or the way the sunlight glints off the hood of a vintage car. Every piece constructed by Caggiano is handcrafted, every shade of material is purchased raw, and every component can be completely customized to fulfill your ultimate desires.

Saddles of leather are hand-picked from the finest Italian tanneries, echo’s of stainless steel hand polished to a mirror finish, every sketch designed free hand before digital modeling in 3D and every idea becomes a one of a kind experiment that breathes new life into functional art.

Caggiano passionately engineers these works of art that will stand for a lifetime. The concepts are meticulously perfected and produced using the finest and most advanced manufacturing processes available today. Our expertise in manufacturing through the use of advanced technological methods enables our brand to produce items in all scales of production volume whether you need a specific commissioned one-off concept or 10-100 units. We are able to take your vision from sketch to rapid prototype and scale production with more efficiency than ever before. This is the process that makes a Caggiano truly unique. These are pieces that surpass aesthetic pleasure, fresh, functional, engineered and steeped in heritage.